What advantages does meetingscout.ch offer me as a room user?

Meetingscout.ch shows you the meeting rooms and all the information you need to help you make a decision. You therefore find a room that best meets your requirements.

  • Focuses primarily on the rooms

  • Comprehensive information and standardized display

  • Educational institutions, hotels and conference centers – all in a single portal

  • Direct contact to room providers

  Can I find rooms at short notice on meetingscout.ch?

Yes, absolutely. You can contact the room provider directly, at your convenience.

  I have some suggestions on how to improve meetingscout.ch. How can I share these with meetingscout.ch?

We would be happy to receive your feedback. Please email us at info@meetingscout.ch, or fill in our contact form online. We strive to maintain and develop our portal on an ongoing basis, while focusing on how we can offer the most benefits for our customers, room users and room providers.


Room search

  What are the criteria for each of the categories, Economy, First and Deluxe?
  • A functional, low-cost meeting room.

  • A well-equipped room and a location with a superior standard of service to meet high demands (In-house catering).

  • A room in a prestigious location with a luxurious atmosphere (Excluding additional service, 5* hotel business).

  What do the hourly rates signify for the different rooms?

This information offers you rooms of “comparable size” and includes prices to help you determine whether or not the room is within your budget. These price indications do not include additional expenditure or services. You can, of course, contact the room provider directly to negotiate on price and any other arrangements. Meetingscout is not involved in the billing process between the room user and provider.

  What does the minimum duration of use signify for the different rooms?

The minimum duration of use indicates the minimum number of hours for which the room must be booked.


Inquiry / Booking

  Can I book directly via meetingscout.ch?

No, meetingscout.de only helps you find a room. You can then book the room by agreement, directly with the room provider.

  How do I contact the room provider?

Meetingscout.ch gives you various options, all of which are direct. The contact details (website, telephone number, email address) are listed for each room. We recommend completing the appropriate predefined email form that accompanies each room listed.

  Is it possible to send a request to multiple room providers at the same time?

Yes, use the favorite function. After logging in, you will see all the selected rooms in an overview and can send one request to different room providers.

  Is my enquiry binding?

No, it is only an enquiry. Generally speaking, you should receive a response from the room provider within a matter of hours.

  I haven’t received a response from the room provider. What should I do?

Try to contact the room provider directly. If you are unable to contact the provider, please forward your enquiry to us at info@meetingscout.ch.